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Why Ned's Wish?

Why Ned's Wish?

Why Ned’s Wish?

I am so pleased to have found a charity that I am proud to support through Longevity Raw Dog Food. As of January 1, 2023, $1 from each purchase you make goes to Ned’s Wish. You can check out the grand total that we've donated right on our homepage!

Ned’s Wish is a Canadian Registered Charity that financially supports retired police and military dogs in Canada. Many of you may not know that once dogs are retired their vet bills and other costs are no longer covered. Ned’s Wish helps support these retired heros with their vet bills and ongoing costs to ensure they have the best retirement possible!

To read more on Ned’s Wish you can visit their website here.

I choose Ned’s Wish because of my personal passion for working dogs. While our food is first choice for all breeds, we are very grateful to also be the choice for local police agencies and many personally owned working dogs. I also have a personal connection to law enforcement and Ned’s Wish seemed the perfect fit for my passions, beliefs and a huge demographic of our customers.

Thank you for supporting us since 2016! Please take the time to read more about Ned’s Wish and know that every order you make you are supporting a K9 Hero!

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