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Welcome to the new Longevity Raw website!

Welcome to the new Longevity Raw website!

I am grateful to be ending another year with many new paw-parents feeding Longevity Raw.

We are very excited to be launching this brand new website that is meant to be much more user-friendly! We also have a much more convenient friend referral system as we greatly appreciate your spreading the word about your success with our food.

This new website will allow us to have better communication with you and launch new rewards for 2023! You will also have the ability to easily subscribe in order to save! You will have the flexibility to change dates, edit orders or cancel at any time!

I started this company in 2016 because of my health struggles with my German Shepherd Jax and my desire for my dogs to live as long as possible. What a gift it has been to meet so many like-minded individuals who want to give their dogs the best nutrition.

To all of the Longevity Feeders, happy holidays and happy new year! We wish you the very best for 2023.

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