Longevity Raw Dog Food Subscription

From: $28.50 every 2 months

Our raw food is top quality, made from human grade products. Complete with nutritious ingredients, this is a meal your dog will love! It is affordable and easy to feed as it comes in 1/4 lbs pre-portioned blocks. Our meat and veggies are locally sourced and the product is made in Langley, British Columbia.

Good to know:

For our subscription products, we do have some rules about cancellation or delay notices so that we can adjust for inventory or delivery. By signing up for a subscription,  you are acknowledging that you understand we ask for the following:
If you’d like to delay your order, you must give us 48 hours notice.
If you’d like to change your order, we’d like 48 hours notice as well.
If you’d like to cancel your subscription, we need 7 days notice.


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