He’s a CKC Canadian Champion and was a part of a breeding program from which he was removed when it was found he was losing his coat (my good fortune). He’s continued this progressive loss while I’ve had him and hit a peak in August 2017. I’d tried several protocols, mostly around diet. He was initially raised on a raw diet which I discontinued about 2 years ago and then resumed a year ago. However, nothing worked! This past November, I talked to Melissa and tried Longevity Raw Dog Food – Turkey Blend, and to my happy astonishment, I started to notice significant improvement.
I thought I started to notice change in him around the beginning of February 2018, but I still wasn’t really sure. Then, about 2 weeks ago (Last week of Feb 2018), I really looked carefully at him and reviewed some photos (below) to compare him against and I was shocked at the difference I saw. He still has a long way to go, but I can tell you (and you can see from the photos) that there’s an incredible improvement! Friends who watch Levi from time to time are likewise shocked at the change in him since they see him infrequently.
I’m a skeptic when it comes to stuff like this which is why I wanted to offer this testimonial. The proof is in the photos… The best part is… he loves the food!
-Tim Bourdois
August 2017

March 2018

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