Our Dog’s name is Daisy and she is a 3 year old Cairn Terrier.  She loves to play with her ball and chase anything that moves. We recently switched Daisy to Longevity raw food after her being on kibble since a puppy.  We did this as we wanted her to have a high quality food that would hopefully prevent her from having skin or other health issues as she aged.  We also had read about the many benefits of a raw food diet for dogs and wanted to have the healthiest dog possible.  Prior to switching to the raw food, she did not get too excited when it was feeding time.  Now when she knows it is time to eat she gets super excited, dances around, and licks her bowl as clean as she can get it when she is done – she absolutely loves it!  The fact that the food is made locally and gets delivered to my door quickly after ordering makes Longevity very easy to recommend.

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