Chase is a loving, happy, grateful, energetic and enthusiastic member of our family. She loves to adventure into the ravines along our favorite walking routes and doesn’t appear to mind one bit getting muddy from tail to the tip of her nose. All in a day’s work. She runs and leaps like a puppy, especially in pursuit of squirrels (the likes of whom she has yet to successfully talk down from a tree).

Chase loves just about everything we do – watching movies, checking the mail, gardening, going for walks, eating. Oh, especially eating. Chase was 21 pounds when she was found running the highway by Chase, BC (not a coincidence) and weighs in now at a healthy 46 pounds. Her raw diet, supplied by West Coast K9 Services, keeps her at her ideal weight, and makes for one healthy, happy pup. And our purpose in life, at least one of them, is to ensure Chase’s happiness. So far, so good – we receive excellent performance reviews from Chase Girl! Add to the mix that WCK9’s product is excellent value and, well, it makes spoiling our Chase girl very easy.

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